We are a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for cars. Our team comprises businessmen, technicians, and car enthusiasts. Some of us have built and managed successful businesses throughout our lives, while others have spent countless hours behind the wheel of high-performance sports cars. We are all self-proclaimed petrol heads, with a collective history that includes Porsches, McLarens, Mercedes AMGs, BMWs, Alfa Romeos, Ferraris, and many more. For us, cars are more than just machines; they evoke a visceral sensation that cannot be replicated.

But it all started with Fredrik Axelsson… Fredrik is a successful entrepreneur from Mariestad with a great interest in cars and motorsport, who bought himself a nice sports car. For some time he had sponsored Gustav Johansson who successfully competed in the Swedish Championship in Rallycross. In Gustav’s garage, Fredrik noticed a homemade simulator that Gustav used for his training. Fredrik asked “Can you build me a simulator which is really good and, above all, prettier than the one you have? I want it to match my car.”

And so it started! Just in time for Fredrik’s birthday Gustav (without knowing ) delivered the first Racemore simulator. Gustav and Fredrik quickly concluded that this could be something really good to build on so contact was made with other entrepreneurs who have their own business, expertise in engineering and software development, and a common love for cars and motorsport, and the company was formed in 2022.

We want to build a compact full motion simulator that gives you as a driver the best feeling. You must be able to develop as a driver regardless of whether you drive trackdays, Racing, Rally, or any other motorsport. In addition to this, we arrange online competitions and events for all our customers.

We set out to capture the essence of the driving experience in a simulator. We aimed to create a machine that delivers a level of realism that is impossible to distinguish from reality. Our development mantra was clear – not to build a gaming machine, but to craft a simulator that feels indistinguishable from a real-life driving experience. This led to the birth of the Racemore GT 600.

Our simulators are a stunning sight to behold, adorned with the colors of our dream cars. They are bold, powerful, and awe-inspiring, and we take immense pride in the accomplishment of bringing them to life. And now, we want to offer you the opportunity to experience the exhilaration of driving the world’s most desirable cars in extreme situations. Reach out to Racemore, and we guarantee that our simulator will be the ride of your life.

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We have managed to get the performance of a much larger and more expensive simulator into a very compact format. The simulator is equipped with a high-performance computer and can be used together with any PC-based driving game. The most common ones are Assetto Corsa Competizione, IRacing, Dirt 2.0, Richard Burns, F1, Kart Kraft and, more.

With the 6 DOF (direction of feeling) set up, it delivers a maximum feeling of driving. On top of that, you as a customer, can get a simulator designed in the the way you want it. Even down to details such as the color of stitches in the chair, upholstery, color code, carbon, etc. If you want to match your car, your company or team, or perhaps your home, that’s no problem for us.