1.How do racing simulators work?+

A racing simulator takes the idea of driving a racingcar to a much more in-depth and serious level. A basic simulator are equipped with a screen, steering wheel, pedals and a seat. This gives some feeling of driving a car. The highest level of a racing simulator is the RACEMORE models, which are full-motion which creates g-force and movement in all directions. It is designed to mediate such as tyre grip, traction, suspension, aerodynamics and more, a simulator creates the most accurate representation of driving dynamics possible. All in all, This creates an outstanding feeling of driving a race car at high speed.

2.I have my own homebuilt rig but now I want a motionsimulator? Will a RACEMORE be the right machine for me?+

The RACEMORE are built to highest standard both for exclusivity but even more important, to give the driver the real stuff of feeling speed and movement when driving racing cars. The fullmotion feeling is outstanding, and it will take you to new levels of high-speed driving.

3.Do I need to pay the full amount in advance?+

No, you pay 10% to commit the order, then 30% when your configuation with colour, seat and other stuff are made, then you full payment in moment before shipping to you.

4.How many cars and tracks does the simulator come with?+

We deliver the RACEMORE simulator ready-to-drive. When we say ready-to-drive it means the simulators high-performance computer, the motion system and the motion interface are installed. The only thing you do is chose your favourite game and install it by the publishers manual. Today it is an almost limitless catalog of racing games at this point. The fact is, there is more content these days than could ever be loaded on a single simulator.

5.What is the production lead time?+

The production times are around 3 to 4 weeks depending on setup and your choice of colour. The 3 to 4 weeks are for standard colours. This time is from our receipt the step 2 in payment. This will be confirmed with a date fore delivery.

6.I want a specific setup, can you deliver?+

Give us a call. We can deliver the RACEMORE simulator by your specifications. Special steering wheel, your favourite pedals, fasten seat belts options. Call us, our team will fill up your dreams.

7.Does RACEMORE simulators improve reflexes?+

Yes. We belive in the philosophy of 10 000 hours. The more you drive, the better you manage in the racetrack. The reflexes, eye calculation, racing strategy, checking rearview mirrors, test overtakes … by driving hours for hours, you will end in the professional seat ! (if not already!) To do the training in a fullmotion simulator gives you a result that can never be achieved in a stationary simulator. In a fullmotion simulator, you feel the slightest change in tire grip and you feel the cars movements throughout the body. This is what we call racing.

8.Why do your simulators have a serial number (VIN) ?+

We produce every RACEMORE simulator as a car, it is all built by your choice! That is why, we don’t produce for stock, every RACEMORE is an experience machine with an individual serial number. The serial number are a 15 character VIN-number (system from car industry). This number serves as the simulators fingerprint, as no two machines in operation have the same serial number. By this identification we can track when and where it was built, in which factory, the data specs, mechanical identity and subdelivers to the simulator. By the number we also internally can identify the colour number.

9.How to use telemetry data?+

Everything in a racing car is tracked in special data boxes. The speed, gear data, breaking, G-forces in all directions, traction, temperatures and pressure in tires, engine, gearbox, just to mention a few of the data sensors. After a training session, the driver sits down with his coach and technical staff and analyze every lap. In some of the racing games this feature are included, check specifications for your game (iRacing/rFactor includes the feature).

10.Do you offer finance agreements?+

Yes we do. Please contact our sale departement. We offer a lease with a basic payment, then a monthly cost 24-48 months and after that period a final payment.
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