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RACEMORE Sweden AB (registration number 559360-2385) is a limited company registered in Europe, with its headquarters in Sweden. Our company name is registered with trademark protection (®) with the Patent Office.
All texts produced by RACEMORE Sweden AB are protected by copyright and are subject to Copyright ©.
We reserve all rights to the content, and any reproductions or uses require our explicit consent.

We claim unique and protected design on our products, including the distinctive steel tube cage that constitutes the dominant expression. Angles and methods of motion control are also subject to design protection.

For the use of our texts or images, we require that you contact us to obtain the company’s approval.
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In contexts that can be described as marketing or news reporting, the use of our texts or images is permitted on condition that the source, “RACEMORE Sweden AB”, is clearly indicated.

For questions or to request permission to use our material, please contact us at []

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