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+46 (0)501 50900

Racemore HQ
Västerängsvägen 10
SE-54235 Mariestad

Motikon Uppsala
Grafikgatan 26
SE-75454 Uppsala, Sweden
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General contact details
+46 (0)501 50900

Racemore HQ

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Nicklas Ericsson
+46 (0)760 528 886

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Racemore USA
Salt Lake City
Utah, USA

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Peter Törnqvist
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Nicklas Ericsson
Sales Manager

Fredrik Axelsson
Business Sales

Mattias Westelius
Business Sales

Gustav Johansson
Development Manager

Jimmy Söderberg
Production System

Jovan Paskota
Software Manager

Per-Olof Staam

Oscar Gyllenhammar
Business Sales

We take pride in being a part of Sweden’s illustrious legacy of high-tech innovation. From Ericsson and ABB (formerly Asea), to Volvo, Saab, Spotify, Klarna, Minecraft, and many more, countless world-renowned brands were born in Sweden. Now, we’re thrilled to introduce the newest member to this impressive roster: RACEMORE – a full-motion sim racing rig designed in the spirit of Scandinavian technology and production prowess. And where better to bring this vision to life than in Mariestad, a small town nestled in the heart of Sweden? With a team of just five passionate and skilled individuals, we’ve created something truly special. As we like to say, “Outstanding sim technology – Made in Sweden.”

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