A race weekend at SPA Francorchamps

We’re thrilled to have numerous professional racing drivers putting our GT600S (sport version) simulator to the test!
It’s an exciting opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge technology and realism to these talented drivers. The GT600 offers an unparalleled racing experience, allowing them to fine-tune their skills and feel the thrill of the track, even off the circuit.
RACEMORE simulators are built with top-of-the-line hardware and software, including carbon fiber, the fastest graphics cards, and one of the fastest actuator systems on the market. And with our commitment to quality, experience, and luxury, you can trust that your simulator will provide an unforgettable racing experience every time.
To train and drive for hours in a full motion simulator it’s the most realistic and immersive way to compete in racing. With Racemore simulators, you’ll have access to a level of realism and detail that is nearly unmatched by other simulators on the market. This means you can practice and perfect your driving skills in a way that closely mirrors the real-life track experience.