Enhancing your racing skills

We are excited for our GT600-series, the professional full motion simulators from RACEMORE. These groundbreaking simulators are designed for the discerning and premium-focused driver who wants to take their virtual driving experience to the next level.
GT600-series is designed to push boundaries and deliver world-class performance in virtual driving. Drivers will experience realistic feedback from driving on the edge, enhancing not only their racing skills but also boosting confidence and expertise.

This is not just a simulator; it’s a masterpiece of premium design and material selection. GT600 C is equipped with carbon fiber details and offers exceptional performance in data collection. For drivers and tech enthusiasts working with telemetry data from their races, GT600 C provides precise and invaluable information that can reduce lap times and enhance performance.

RACEMORE simulators has already become an international success story, and now we proudly take the next step by establishing our presence in Saudi Arabia, the homeland of Formula 1’s owner, Aramco.

RACEMORE GT600-series is a full-motion simulator with true 6 DOF (Degrees of Freedom). The response time of the servo motors is extremely fast, made possible through the use of the highest industrial-quality materials.
RACEMORE continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in virtual racing, and GT600 C is the latest example of our commitment to providing top-tier simulator systems that take drivers to new heights.

For further information and inquiries about GT600-series, please contact us at the sales departement.